Is identity as important as taste?

Anyone who knows about entrepreneurship knows the importance of branding a product, but in the craft beer industry, label art has become as important as the brand itself. Specialty brews are popping up all over the US, and with it comes spectacular a whole genre of art: labeling.

Grandstand prints some of these brands at their infancy, and we love to see them grow to maturity.

For Example, Grandstand client, Four Peaks Brewing, has a classic label approach. It’s drawings are clean and neat, but they throw humor into some of their designs, like  the Kilt Lifter Ale.

Another client, Snake River Brewing, takes a natural, colorful approach. Their Zonker Ale Label is bright and catches the eye.

When a true beer lover seeks out a specific new craft beer, it is all about the senses. The label art adds another element to that sensual experience. The look, feel and taste of the beer combined with a memorable image creates an ambiance about the brew that they will take with them. Images evoke emotion that can help the drinker identify with their favorite brand. Consequently, certain demographics  will seek out breweries just to get a cool t-shirt, glass or memorabilia portraying the art exclusive to that brewery or specialty beer.

There is so much to look forward to in this genre of art, because each new brew, for many companies, will get it’s own new and interesting label. A picture is worth a thousand words.


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