The Wave of the Future

The feel, the taste, the smell are all part of the new wave coming over Americans when it comes to their beer. Just like a child passing into adulthood, the “American Palate” has changed the way Americans look at their beer drinking experience. They expect more, but that is what makes the future of this industry so fascinating.

One word: education. This is the word that is defining the future of the industry and escalating it to new heights. Mainstream pilsners leave today’s beer enthusiasts wanting, and with higher expectations comes a larger need for craft brewers to stay current with the trends and processes of brewing. Sites like offers seminars to keep up. Other places cater to the competitive nature of brewers to keep entrepreneurial wheels turning. Like scientists coming up with the next big breakthrough, American brewers are setting out to find the next big beer trend. According to the Brewer’s Association, Craft Brewing industry grew 15% in just the first half of 2011. That is after an 11% growth in 2010.Grandstand is proud of their clients: some of whom have pioneered the way in the modern craft brewing industry. Clients like Four Peaks Brewing Company and The Flying Goose Pub have been brewing excellence for years, and continue to set the precedent for craft brew standards. Even the best of the best have to keep up with this changing field.
Change is a catalyst for great things to come, and Grandstand credits the supreme innovation that goes into new, seasonal brews. Printing custom glass and apparel for some of the best American brew masters gives us an inside look at what’s to come; and the future looks bright. We can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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