Talk of the Tavern: Beer Tasting

Miller and Anheuser Busch are cringing as the American beer industry shifts from mass beer production to the increasing popularity of hand-crafted beer. Much like wine, new brews are tailored to the palate, paired with food and tasted with care among a growing culture of beer sommeliers.

Get your brewery into the craze by following these steps at your own beer tasting event! We’re sure you’ll notice your enjoyment levels skyrocket among your patrons.

Step 1. Eyes: In a well-lit room, look at your beer and think about what you are seeing. You want to look for three things: Color, Clarity and Head. Is the color a dark red, amber, or chestnut maybe? The color gives away the type of beer you are holding, and can tell a lot about the condition in which the brew was made and aged. The color should be pleasing to the eye and fit the type of beer you are expecting to drink. Be sure to check out the clarity: is it cloudy, clear or opaque? Finally, what is the head doing? Is it smooth or rocky? Does it dissipate quickly, or does it linger on top for a while?… click here to continue.


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