Talk of the Tavern: Social Media

Beer Branding is not spectator sport. With the tech generation moving up to drinking age, companies need to keep be actively involved with the Internet buzz. If you can put your name into the daily online habits of your customer, they are more likely to think about you later…when its time for that afternoon pick-me up or nightcap.

Twitter: Some may dislike Twitter saying that the constant play-by-play is pointless. But your young demographic will disagree. The up-to-the-minute details of their friends’ lives keep them checking their stream four or five times a day. That is four or five times a day that you can plant your message and dispense information about your brand. Twitter has applications that let you text your tweet right from your smart phone. Most people update this media multiple times per day. A quick post like “Tonight: 2 for 1 drafts” or “Our new T-shirts came in today check the cool logos!” work best. The shorter the message length the better the tweet.

Facebook: Facebook allows more room for words. What is most eye catching in this forum, however, is media. Whether it’s a blurb about your company softball match or photos from the block party your company sponsored Facebook is the place to post. The larger media gets a larger box on the newsfeed. A link will pull up photos or a brief description of the page you are linking. The key is to appear in the feed frequently so your client is reminded of you when they check they login. When it comes to Facebook, beware of the rules. Do not register your business as a person. If you do, you are limited to only 5,000 friends which makes mass viral networking impossible. What you need to do is create a page that people can “like.”

Google+: Google Plus is a lot like Facebook, but it is more specific. on Google+ you can categorize people to get different types of messages by putting them into circles. This helps create a more direct marketing approach for different audience basis. Google+ recently introduced a feature for business pages.

Blog: Blogging has taken off in America, and every major business connected to it’s community has one. You can choose to write about anything you want, but if you can get your customers to subscribe to your blog, they can feel like they are apart of your brand. If they identify with your bar, you allow them access to it when they are not able to go there. A lot of companies will link an online shop to their blog so people can buy specialty items with your logo on it. Keep in mind your blog should not be a giant advertisement, make it something people will want to read about. 

One thing to remember about social media is that it is always changing. So if you can’t hire someone to do it full-time, get your younger employees to help show you about the latest trends. Once you get the hang of it, be careful. It can become addictive.


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