Talk of the Tavern: QR Codes

We are rolling out an exciting new feature for our clients this month, QR codes on products! Using a QR code you can connect with your current and future customers online. The code can be sent as a part of your artwork and it will appear on any of your Grandstand Pints, Growlers, Glasses or Apparel items. When a customer scans the code with their smart phone they will be directed to your web site.

How They Work

Have you heard of QR codes yet? It’s one of the newest trends to advertise your business and market your product to the masses.

A QR code is a 2-D dimensional code that looks similar to a barcode. A smart phone can use an app like QR Scanner, Red Laser or Scanlife to read the code. Once the app scans the code it will take the user to a web site or social media page. When customers are on your page they can find out more about your product, interact with your online community or get more information about your business. You can even create a code to link to a flyer, activate an email, download coupons or play a media clip.

You can create a QR code for free online. Visit a generator like or to input the information you want to link and within seconds you will receive a unique QR code that you can use on any of your products.

How will this work for your business? It’s free advertising in a low-key, high-tech way. You can put a code on a menu, package, flyer, business card, coaster, growler, pint or T-shirt. Just about anything you can print on can have a QR code incorporated. With this you can open the door for customers to get more information on your product, event or establishment. It also allows you to grow your online community and gives your current customers a way to share your product with their friends, and your potential customers. You can also check to see who is scanning your code and what they are doing with the page once they have it up, giving you more information on your customer base.

You can print a QR code in any color ink on any of our products without dramatic curves. You need about a 1” square for the code to be printed on. Check out the samples some below.



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