Luck of the Irish

St. Patty’s day is just around the cornor and if you are wondeirng how you can get in the the holiday fun with your customers here are a few tips.

1) Encourage everyone to wear green so they don’t get pinched! And if you already purchased those St. Patty’s day T’s from Grandstand- pass them out and make sure your staff is in green gear too.

2) Green beer (or cocktails) are a must check out this article on how to dye those drinks.

3) If your community is having a St. Patty’s Day parade find out if you can sponsor a float or have your brewery join the walk and pass out candy to get your name out there.

4) If you don’t already have a menu in mind- you may want to think corned beef and Irish soda bread. Check out this site for some menu inspiration.

5) Don’t forget to go green on all your social media including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest by letting customers know about the St. Patty’s day plans you have for your bar.

6) The day is all about going green why not double the effort and enourage everyone to recycle. Check out this site for some gold on how to decorate and reuse items you already have.

7) Use gold, clover and leprechaun themed centerpieces, coasters and menus to add a touch of the holiday throughout your brewery.

Best of Luck!


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