Cooking with Craft Beer

Wondering what to make for dinner but feeling uninspired? Why not reach for that favorite craft beer and get to cooking. The newest trend in the kitchen means move over wine and make way for craft beer. One New Jersey brewery offers customers chili, pasta, fish and corned beef all made with beer.

This year’s annual ‘Betty Bracket‘ recipe showdown featured cooking with a twist and a modern edge. Recipes for things like nachos, burgers, cupcakes even frozen pops were all made with beer.

The author of “The Brewmaster’s Table: Discovering the Pleasures of Real Beer With Real Food” has an important tip for cooking with brew. He says to go easy on the beer, its always easier to add more in then take it out. A few other tips on cooking include pairing your favorite suds with sweet vegetables, using it as a marinade for meat and if you are using it for slowing cooking a milder beer would be the best pick.

Check out this article for brew inspired recipes.


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