Talk of Tavern: Beer Apps

Your probably have your phone in your pocket, on your desk, in your bag or somewhere close within reach. So does the majority of the country, including beer lovers; thus a plethora of new smart-phone apps for beer drinkers.


No better way to connect with fellow brewers, friends, current and potential customers. Check out this comprehensive list of top 5 apps and what they have to offer. As a brewer it may be a good idea to check out what the word is on your store and beers to make sure you are always in the loop.

1)   BeerCloud: If you are looking for an encyclopedia on beer this is your app. BeerCloud not only lets you find your favorite beers based on your location, it also tells you which beers go best with you meals. But the best part of this app is that you can get an in-depth description of any brew with one click or even one scan of a barcode.

2)   IBrewMaster: Its brewing 2.0 with the IBrewmaster. This app creates an all-in-one way to manage each batch and oversee the progress. Brewers can monitor their whole process (and get stats on color, calories and alcohol content), manage and share their recipes, track inventory, record batches and get tips and videos on creating new and unique flavors.


3)   Pintley: Pintley lets its users create a social network of beer. Not only does this app let beer-connoisseurs find specific brews in their exact geographic area, it also tracks what beers they like and don’t like and gives recommendations on which to try next. An added bonus: top users get entered in for monthly prize drawings.

4)  Happy Houred: Look no further then Happy Houred for a way to find drink specials and then share them with friends and followers. This app lists thousands of happy hour locations across the country complete with maps and pricing. A great feature on this app allows friends to connect with each other based on interests.

5)   Beer!: Now you can keep track of every brew you try and your thoughts on it as well. The Beer! app lets users try a beer, take notes, rate and keep a record of every beer they taste. It even gives users the ability to create an account so they can get opinions from friends on their reviews.

6)  IBeer:  We had to throw this one in. If you are ever wishing you could just relax with a cold one, but you have hours to go until you can relax with your brew. Then check out IBeer for a laugh and a little wishful drinking. You will be able to pop-a-top and count-down the minutes until you can enjoy the real deal.

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