Talk of the Tavern: Mason Jars Making the Rounds

Mason jars are a huge hit and we know there are dozens of uses for them with of course, craft beer, being the best. But what are some other big hits?

1)    Mason Jar Dinner: What’s better then dinner in a jar? We found great recipes for salads,  pastas, casseroles, cinnamon rolls, brownies and even pizzas all made in mason jars. The best part of using a mason jar is a mess free, inexpensive, and easy way to cook. And they aren’t just  for meals; you can even create a magic bullet blender with a mason jar with a few pieces from the hardware store.

2)   Mason Jar Crafts: There are more mason jar craft ideas then we can count. We started out with finding basics like mason jar candles and lights.  Then we stumbled upon mason jar centerpieces for dinner tables and more formal ones for major events like weddings. We also discovered other mason jar projects for everyday items like salt shakers, lotion bottles, office organizers and creative photo frames.

3)    Mason Jar Gardening: Lots of gardening projects with mason jars ranged from basics like flowers and house plants to full on herb gardens using several jars. A unique gardening project we found was a mason jar terrarium, a miniature, contained eco-system that you can have in your living room.

4)    Mason Jar Drinks: And we aren’t just talking about craft beer! While of course it’s a refreshing to enjoy a brew on a summer day, we found dozens of mason jar beverage ideas including lemonade, sodas, tea, iced coffee and juice. We also found some great recipes for mason jar cocktails and milkshakes.


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