Craft Beer Events-August

Some fun and exciting events in August for craft beer lovers!

  • The Upslope Women’s Beer and Cheese Pairing takes place on the 6th in Boulder, Colorado. This event will give women a chance to learn more about craft beer. Part of the proceeds will go to the Front Range Rescue Dogs.
  • The Motor City Brew Walking Tour takes place in Ann Arbor, Michigan on the 11th.
  • The Great Taste of the Midwest takes place on the 11th as well at Olin-Turville Park  in Madison, Wisconsin. This event will feature over a hundred brewpubs and microbreweries and thousands of visitors.
  • Baking with Beer takes place on the 14th in Jacksonville, Oregon. This unique event will give participants a chance to bake with their favorite brew for recipes like muffins and dog biscuits.
  • Salem, Massachusetts will host A Pint with Mr. Nobody  Beer and the Ceramic Tradition on the 16th. This event links art, culture and history of the brew. Participants also get samples.
  • Beer-Con takes place in San Diego on the 24th of the month.  The craft beer conference will include food/beer tastings and pairings, demonstrations, workshops and Q&A sessions.
  • Taste of Brews will Long Beach, California on the 25th.
  • Slipper Rock, Pennsylvania will be home to the Cooper’s Lake Brewers Fest on the 26th. The festival will allow homebrewers to brew beer, share techniques, recipes and of course sample beer.
  • That same weekend Simple Earth Hops Harvest Brewfest takes place in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. The family friendly event will include hops picking at a hopyard.
  •  The Midwest Brewersfest takes place in Plainfield, Illinois the 25th. The event hopes to introduce the public to craft beer and raise money to restore the Plainfield Riverfront Park that was destroyed in a 1990 tornado.
  • Hogs and Hops will take place in Dover, Delaware on the 25th.
  • The Barley Bros. Traveling Beer Show is headed to Meridian, Idaho August 31st with games, live entertainment and plenty of beer samples.

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