Talk of the Tavern: Making the Most of the Season

These fleeting summer days are long and hot but nothing better then an icy beer to cool your customers down. Make the most of the rest of the season and grow your business with these tips:

*Get your name out: Outdoors concerts, festivals, fairs and dozens of other events make summer a unique season to market your product. The best way of getting the word out about your brewery, new beer or weekly special is by getting your name out around your community. Find out if there are any events in your area and participate by handing out samples, fliers, and promotional items like coasters, koozies and bottle openers.

*Promote your own events: If there aren’t any events in your area, create your own. Organize a beer tasting, live entertainment night, beer festival, two-for one special, contest, fundraiser or block party. Then work on getting the word out beyond word-of mouth and advertising by using free social media. Utilize your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts to invite customers to your big event. Also be sure to use a QR code on any paper fliers you distribute to lead customers back to your web site where they can get more information about your special promotion.

*Create seasonal specials: Consider creating seasonal specials beyond your brews using other menu items like summer salads or lighter versions of your typical entrees. You might also consider using your summer suds in new ways like with beer barbeque sauce, beer floats, beer ice cream, or crème brulee made with beer.


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