Community Corner-August

*IPA Day– Beer lovers world-wide toasted IPA day this month in the annual celebration of craft beer. SweetWater Brewery celebrated by breaking out their best IPA kegs like Fresh Sticky Nugs, Buckeye’d Brown Eye, Border Hopper and Hop Ghoulash.

*Congrats to Sweetwater Brewing for being named the Grand National Champion at the 2012 US Open Beer Championships. Also congrats to Deschutes Brewery and Maui Brewing who placed in the top ten at the competition where more than1,650 beers represented 65 different categories. Check out the full list of winners here.

 * Grandstand sponsored the New Mexico Brewers Guild IPA Challenge: Battle of the Hops. The guild selected a new logo and launched it at the annual event. Grandstand got to attend the IPA Challenge where hundreds of judges selected the winning IPA in a weeklong event. Congrats to Il Vicinio Brewery on the big win.

* Grandstand sponsored the 5th Annual Jake Walkup Tribute Baseball game and Scholarship this month in Lansing, Kansas. The Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton T-Shirts for the game were provided by Grandstand. This year they raised over $500 for the scholarship.

If you have any exciting events planned at your brewery we want to hear about them! Send us an email and we will include them in our next newsletter.

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