Where is your Grandstand Growler?

Where is your Grandstand Growler? Now you have a way to tell us! Grandstand is excited to introduce our new interactive social media growler map project. We have customers sending us photos of their branded Grandstand Growlers on the beach, at the park, snorkeling, fishing, skiing, skating, at parties, fundraisers, concerts, buckled up in a car seat or even just hanging out at the bar. You name it Grandstand Growlers have been there.

Now you can submit the best photos of your branded growlers we will add them to this interactive social media map so you can track all the world wide locations Grandstand Growlers and their refreshing brews have traveled.

We have spent months creating this interactive map project which started with a few photos from breweries, like Geaghan Brothers Brewery, that had shots of their growler’s in unique locations. That’s when we decided it would be interesting to track all the locations Grandstand Growlers have traveled too. Some customers, like Saw Works Brewing, created an entire contest for their customers to submit their best growler photos for the project.

Not only do these photos appear on the interactive map, you can also find them on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. We want to make this project huge! Help us by submitting a photo or two with a caption about where your growler is and what its doing and we will include it in this growing map. Check out just a few of the creative shots we’ve received so far!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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