Talk of the Tavern: Craft Beer Cocktail Trend

While many brewers are beer purists, a new trend is showing up on the bar scene known as craft beer cocktails. This new way of drinking beer gives customers who may never try craft beer a new way to drink it. It also gives customers who are devout brew fans a unique spin an old favorite.

The new trend is especially prominent on the coasts, in both in Los Angeles and in New York where craft beer cocktails are being made by mixing liquor with beer and juice. The drink hybrid can include anything from vodka, whiskey, tequila and gin mixed with lemonade, juice, tea, syrups, and sodas combined with a craft beer.

These buzzed beers aren’t your old boilermakers; they include new and unique flavors and twists. Manhattan, New York’s Rosa Mexicano uses beet and lime-juice mixed with a hot sauce to create the El Betabel. A lighter version of a beer cocktail, the Haymaker, uses beer, rum, brandy, apricot liqueur and lemon juice served at Cicchetti’s in Seattle, Washington. A favorite at Free State Brewery in Lawrence, Kansas is the Michalada. This drink uses a shot of tequila, a shot of margarita mix and is topped with Wheat State Golden beer, shaken and served with a lime wedge.


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