Talk of the Tavern: New Year, New Business

iStock_000020003447XSmallWith the buzz of the holidays wearing off and all those New Year resolutions to stay in shape and loose extra pounds, customers may be cutting back on their favorites, which can include crafts beer. We’ve come up with a few tips on how to keep business fresh during a slower time of year.

> Boast the Health Benefits- People maybe watching their waistlines, but you can remind them that a good brew isn’t all bad. Craft beer is full of vitamins and minerals including fiber, vitamin B, antioxidants and silica. A good craft beer paired with a healthy meal is an even bigger bonus. Look for new salad inspired centerpieces and meals that pair craft beers with leaner meats and vegetables to bring in the health conscious.

> Special Event Nights- Hold new special events to bring in the crowds like trivia nights, live music, poker tournaments, or pair up with a charity to help them raise money. Food can also be to your benefit. Pair up with a food truck if you don’t have a kitchen to give customers something new to try with your beer. If you do have one spice up the menu with some new items frequent customers haven’t had before. Hosting a beer dinner is another popular event. You can even keep with the theme of healthy New Year resolutions by hosting a green or gluten-free beer dinner.  Another great event that will make sure customers remember your brand is a Steal the Pint Night where customers buy a pint and take home the glass.

>Popular Promotions- Many customers may be a little strapped for cash after the holiday spending. So think about holding special promotions like two for one night or ladies night, especially on slow weekdays. Don’t forget about using best selling items to your advantage. Think about creating a beer mug club or a frequent growler filler program to keep customers coming back.

>Use Social Media- Use social media to your advantage. Advertise all your events, specials and new items for free on your Facebook, Twitter or blog. Encourage customers to post photos and ‘check-in’ to the events, as they are happening to let their friends know where they are so they can also join in.



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