Talk of the Tavern: Trucks & Craft Beer

iStock_000021716172XSmallNothing goes better with a refreshing brew then a hearty sandwich, hot slice of pizza or even a gourmet dessert. A great way to bring a variety of flavors to your customers is by teaming up with a food truck. Today’s mobile restaurants aren’t your typical hot-dog selling street vendor. Food trucks are now specializing in unique and sophisticated cuisine. You can find food trucks covering everything from fried chicken and tacos to dumplings, BBQ, waffles or cupcakes.

Food trucks are a major benefit if don’t have a kitchen in your brewery. If you do have one they can still be a great way to bring in new customers and expose your current ones to unique beer pairings, especially if you are hosting a special event.

The food truck epidemic is growing and it could be a great chance for you to capitalize on the trend while increasing your exposure within the community and gaining more awareness about your craft brew brand. This opportunity can also help you add more social media rewards to your business. Since most food trucks travel they communicate their location to their followers via Facebook, Twitter and Apps. Teaming up for an event means you will get mentioned in posts to their followers who will then be able to check out your social media profiles and learn more about your brand.

To find out more about food trucks near your check out this site, this site or this one.

ctsy: mashable@iammccormack, stephanie buck

ctsy: mashable
@iammccormack, stephanie buck



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