Craft Beer Events: April


Kansas Craft Beer Expo 2013

Free State Brewing Company hosted the second annual Kansas Craft Brewers Exposition this month in downtown Lawrence, Kansas. This year’s exposition was held at Abe and Jake’s Landing and featured twenty-nine breweries serving several different styles of craft beer. Tickets for the event were snapped up within 45 minutes.

Grandstand was on hand to help support the exposition by selling T-shirts commemorating the event, as well as custom glasses from some of the attending breweries. Grandstand also decorated the commemorative tasters for the event.

All-in-all the Exposition appeared to be a great success as attendees mentioned returning  next year and being ready to purchase tickets when they go on sale in 2014.

Ben Gibler- East Coast Regional Sales Manager

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Craft Beer Events: March

  • Naples Craft Beer Fest March 2
  • Philly Craft Beer Festival March 2
  • Urban Brew Fest Brooklyn, NY March 2
  • Tampa Bay Beer Week March 2-10
  • AleFeast Dayton March 3
  • Traverse City Craft Beer Week March 4-10
  • Tupelo Craft Beer Festival March 5
  • Boston Beer Week March 8-13
  • Miami Spring Beer Festival March 9
  • Brew-Ski Festival March 9
  • Kona Brewers Festival March 9
  • Long Island Spring Beer Fest March 9
  • Motor City Brew Tours March 9
  • Charlotte Craft Beer Week March 15-24
  • Suwanee, GA American Craft Beer Fest March 16
  • Nashville Craft Beer Week March 18-24
  • Colorado Craft Beer Week March 18-24
  • Michigan Brew Tours Brewery Bus Tour March 23
  • 4th Annual Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival March 24
  • Craft Brewers Conference March 26-29
  • Myrtle Beach Beer Fest March 29-30
  • Portland Annual Spring Beer & Wine Fest March 29
  • NYC Craft Beer Festival March 30