Glassware Trend Alert: The Can Glass

The traditional 16-ounce pint glass is a great go-to standard for bars and restaurants, but we here at Grandstand like to think outside the pint, and offer a great selection of glassware in conjunction with the pint that can highlight your brew’s personality. And with thousands of pieces sold last year, the can glass has proven a worthy contender as a top choice for serving up craft brews.

Why a can-shaped glass?

As the craft beer industry gets bigger, so does its environmental impact. In light of that, some craft breweries have taken up sustainability efforts that include canning lines in addition to glass bottling. A great product that can be easily recycled (and in several states, recycled for cash), aluminum cans have enjoyed a recent surge in popularity from breweries nationwide

So what do you do if you like the environmental friendliness of cans, but want to enjoy your beer in a glass? Grandstand found an answer, and there’s no doubt that the can glass is a trend on the rise. At 16-ounces, this can-shaped glass is a perfect, clever way to enjoy craft beers at their fullest potential. If you’re interested in learning more about how the can glass can highlight your own sustainable canning efforts, contact your account manager for more information.


Kansas Craft Beer Expo 2013

Free State Brewing Company hosted the second annual Kansas Craft Brewers Exposition this month in downtown Lawrence, Kansas. This year’s exposition was held at Abe and Jake’s Landing and featured twenty-nine breweries serving several different styles of craft beer. Tickets for the event were snapped up within 45 minutes.

Grandstand was on hand to help support the exposition by selling T-shirts commemorating the event, as well as custom glasses from some of the attending breweries. Grandstand also decorated the commemorative tasters for the event.

All-in-all the Exposition appeared to be a great success as attendees mentioned returning  next year and being ready to purchase tickets when they go on sale in 2014.

Ben Gibler- East Coast Regional Sales Manager

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March Madness at Grandstand

The madness of March is here, and our staff at Grandstand is no stranger to the grip of basketball frenzy. As the country turns its eyes to conference play and the NCAA tournament, we too enjoy a little hoops around our busy work schedule.

In fact, we have our own court right here in our building. Built on top of a concrete garage, the regulation-sized court is used as a practice space for community youth teams (under the thoughtful tutelage of some members of our management), and on the weekends by our staff for friendly pick-up games. You may even catch a staffer on the court during a break, stretching for relaxation or working out to stay fit.

Though we here at Grandstand will be cheering on our local teams this season (Go KU, KSU, and Wichita State!), we wish everyone a safe and successful March Madness.

-Jenny Kratz, Grandstand Customer Service